NESmaker 3.1.4(Pi) Empty - A few lingering issues

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NESmaker 3.1.4(Pi) Empty - A few lingering issues

Post by Mihoshi20 » Sun Jul 29, 2018 1:27 pm

With the grand reveal about a week away now, I thought I'd shine some light on a few quirks in the engine I'd noticed while debugging and testing the final build of my game Mermay's Den. Some of these I consider more critical then others but most curious if anyone else has run across these issues. Though I believe the HUD one has been mentioned before.

1 - When dying and returning to the start of the level or a checkpoint, the music suddenly stops and never returns until all lives are lost and the game resets.

2 - The right most side of the HUD is cut off sometimes truncating the last few digits or letters of what's written there. The edge portion is restored when the HUD is updated, like when the score is updated via attacking an enemy or picking up and item but will vanish again after a screen transition.

3 - When the player is knocked back against the edge of the screen the game will often times do a screen transition but not know where to put the player so it starts cycling through screens. This seems to happen the most if the player is knocked back towards a screen edge while pushing the D-Pad in the opposing direction. This can also be done when pushing the D-Pad in an opposing direction when doing a normal screen transition.

4 - I had an issue with sometimes an enemy with 'shoot at player' behavior set sliding across the screen when shooting at the player. Which I coined shooting his mouth off as it was the mouth part of a boss monster. This change in behavior would happen seemingly at random, working the first few builds then changing when other monsters were placed in the room. This happened twice and could only be fixed by duplicating another pre-made monster with the same behavior and just changing the graphic to the monster I needed. I never had the time to fully investigate the cause of the behavioral change as duplicating the other pre-made monster was a quick work around despite both monsters having identical settings.

This quirks are related to my game specifically while finish up the final build so I'm curious as to what issues anyone else has run across of if you have the same issues.
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