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List of problems

Post by Kitsune » Sat Aug 25, 2018 3:32 pm

Here is an idea to help Nesmakers and the Nesmaker team for their strategy guide (as they could implement a section about errors and common mistakes etc)

What about a list of problems people can have. The idea is to organize each PB we talked about on this section of the forum and on the FB page. I know you can search for an answer with the search bar but is not very efficient I think.

We could organized it like that, to make everything very simple to find and read.

kind of PB
for what part of the game
description of the problem

simple solution or thing to verify




Player doesn't move when a button is pressed on the pad

Solution :
1-verify that input script are correct. You should have at least 1 input by button. The common thing is to have at least 4 inputs.
2-verify that input script for the related button is related to PRESS or HOLD.
3-verify that acceleration speed and max speed are not on 0.
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