Making graphic assets with two tools.

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Making graphic assets with two tools.

Post by neomage50 » Fri Aug 10, 2018 3:38 am

Hello i'm Neo Mage 50 and I'm here to talk about how i make my graphics for my NesMaker Projects.

What you'll need are the following

NES Screen Tool
(If you already have it congrats...if not chip in for the software alone if you don't feel like paying for the kazoo flash)

Step one
Open YY-CHR. This program is great for making assets because it constrains you to working with 4 colors (transparent,Color 1, Color 2, Color 3 or for nesmaker's pixel editor black,red,green,blue) which means that when you finish this tutorial you won't have to go to the pixel editor after your done.

Make the graphics in YY-Chr (Beginners tip: On the far left of the sprite you should make some "dummy tiles" or 8x8 tiles that will help you get the selection size down for Nes Screen Tool. Depending on what the graphic is if your making them one at a time then it will vary. For GameObjects,monsters,and paths it'll be 8 dummy Tiles, 6 for main tilesets, 4 for hud assets, and 2 for screen tiles and 16 for special screens) when your done save the chr file.

Step 2
Open up Nes Screen Tool. Under patterns select open chr. Open the chr file you made in yy-chr.

Now you should see the graphics you made in yy-chr. If you followed the beginners tip then this will make it easier...but after a couple of times you'll have it down pact.
Before you go and select the graphics use the tool to make some color palette choices for nes maker.

hold down shift and left click on the tileset screen. Go down the dummy tiles on the left(or count from the top til you get to the following number 8 for game objects,monsters and paths. 6 for main tilesets. 4 for hud assets. and 2 for screen tiles) when you make it to the last dummy pixel or number counted then slide the mouse to the far right of the tileset screen.

Step 3
Under Patterns select save chr -> selection.
Now open up NesMaker and go to the Chr Viewer
open the chr you made in nes screen tool (if you get an error then you opened the chr from yy-chr) now export to bmp

step 4
open the bmp you exported in the pixel editor and click the 8 button. if the image matches ends at the last dummy pixel then your done
if not then go back to the nes screen tool and redo the selection.

Here is a screen shot of what it should look like
*edit* i made a error. it's tiles not pixels.
screenshot.png (114.79 KiB) Viewed 1575 times
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Re: Making graphic assets with two tools.

Post by dale_coop » Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:15 am

Nice tutorial. Very glad you did share that.
That you NeoMage5 <3
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Re: Making graphic assets with two tools.

Post by neomage50 » Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:08 pm

No problem. As much as i like the pixel editor i can't do a pixel by pixel drawing with the grid it has. (it hurts to use the grid on it) I decided to use yy-chr for my assets. Because of the restraints it guarantees that there will be no bad pixels in nes maker and after trimming the fat of the chr file in Nes screen tool it works perfectly. It's just tricky because you have to use nes screen tool after you make the chr in yy-chr and you have to make selection size the precise ammount otherwise you'll run into issues when you export it in the chr viewer(learned that the hard way in the beta)
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