Copy, Cut and Paste support for Text Section [4.0.11]

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Copy, Cut and Paste support for Text Section [4.0.11]

Post by cargo » Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:44 am

In case it hasn't been addressed:

It would be nice if the "Text" field on the "Text" branch of the Project tree view in NESMaker could do some basic copy/cut and pasting. Often times I hit Ctrl-C or Ctrl-X expecting to copy the text to another entry to then find out I can't. It forces me to retype the text and centralize it again. Sometimes I write text in Notepad++, copy then switch to NESMaker only to find that doesn't work. This will become a major inconvenience when the RGB module comes out. I am hoping we don't have to wait so long though.
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Re: Copy, Cut and Paste support for Text Section [4.0.11]

Post by TheGeek » Fri Dec 07, 2018 2:40 am

Hello, Sorry for the delay in responding. I finally had a chance to go through some of the suggestions. I just tested the normal CTRL-C/CTRL-V and it worked for me. Could you give me more details on this issue? Here is what I did:
I selected Entry 0
I typed some stuff
I selected it all with the mouse, and also tried it by hitting CTRL-A for select all
I selected Entry 1
I then clicked in the Textbox and hit CTRL-V and observed that it pasted the previously selected text.
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