Swap Player/Monster draw order

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Swap Player/Monster draw order

Post by chronicleroflegends » Wed Sep 12, 2018 9:36 pm

It would be neat if we had a global toggle for the order to draw the player and monsters.

Of course this usually doesn't matter since you do not normally want monsters and player to touch, except in the case of NPCs.

I think the player should draw in front of monsters in some cases.

For example:

I have NPCs in my game disguised as computer terminals. But it looks like the player walks behind them when you get close enough to activate them.
I know it would probably hog up a ton of memory for each individual object to have a draw priority, but maybe a global toggle wouldn't be as bad?

However, I did just think up a way around this:
Make the terminal image a map asset, and then place a completely transparent npc on top of them.
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