Modified Tile type info

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Modified Tile type info

Post by Pauldalyjr » Thu Nov 01, 2018 1:19 am

Here is a key to make modified tiles and what they do. Some of them do more than mentioned so you can play with them, one makes projectiles arc and switch direction but I forgot to annotate that. This is a simple modified version of what darkhog was going for with the conveyor tile.

Have Fun!

Code: Select all

;Test Tile - change the h and v speeds to get the desired result
CPX player1_object
BNE notPlayerTest
LDA Object_h_speed_hi,x
SBC  #$01
STA Object_v_speed_lo,x
;v lo + h hi = crazy fast warp right glitch
;v hi + h lo = Right smoothly
;v lo + h lo = Right smoothly
;v hi + h hi = Left coveyer but launches you if you jump

;v hi + v hi = fan blowing up
;v hi + v lo = very low jump/ if hit at an angle you fall very slowly
;v lo + v lo = limits jump height
;v lo + h hi = lowers you to the ground then bounces once there

;h lo + v hi = rockets you up, if hit from side works like elevator until any contol input, then lauches you.
;h hi + v lo = Elevator
;h lo + v lo = limits jump from below/sucks you down from above
;h hi + v hi = Elevator then vibrate on top

;h lo + h hi = Lauch Glitch
;h hi + h lo = Smooth Right Conveyer
;h lo + h lo = Jerky Conveyer Right
;h hi + h hi = Launches you left

; comment out LDA line
; h lo = once moving through in a direction cannont change direction and conveyer through
; h hi = Glitchy
; v lo = if jumped into will raise you up then lower you down through slowly (stack them on top of each other)
; v hi = Glitchy
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Re: Modified Tile type info

Post by ZeGGamer1 » Sat Mar 09, 2019 7:54 pm

So, to get the desired effects, you would change the lines LDA Object_h_speed_hi,x, and STA Object_v_speed_lo,x? Just asking because I don't have access to my computer right now.
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