Better TestBat.bat

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Better TestBat.bat

Post by SpiderDave » Sat Aug 10, 2019 5:56 am

When you use the "Export and Test asm" button in NESMaker it runs a batch file named TestBat.bat (located in GameEngineData). I don't like how you have to press a key every time it runs, so here's a little upgrade:

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@echo off
asm6 MainASM.nes game.nes demo.txt 1>log.txt 2>&1

if exist game.nes goto theend


If there are no errors, it will run the emulator immediately instead of having to press a key. If there are errors, it will pause so you can read the error. It will also log all output to a file log.txt (which is overwritten each time). There are a few old threads of this, but they're out of the way and don't have it exactly the way I do it.
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