A bug with INL flasher/cart but not NESMaker

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A bug with INL flasher/cart but not NESMaker

Post by vufka » Thu Jul 11, 2019 1:25 am

Hi all,

I don't know where to post this but wanted to write this out somewhere on here in case it helps someone. I had a really difficult time flashing my game and followed advice from all over this forum and Facebook. It turns out there was an issue with one of my cartridges? I will update this thread if/as I get new information.

I ordered two carts from INL. One works great and flashes fine, loads on real hardware. Amazing! Exactly same procedure and method, the other gets stuck at bank 4 and ends with an error. I have submitted a support ticket with INL but wanted other users on here to be aware since at least one other person experienced this on Facebook: "already tried with the 3, flashcart.bat flashcart_newargs.bat and flashcart_oldmethod.bat, none seem to work, the newargs one gets a little further doing PRG bank 0 and 4, but on 8 it fails"

Here is the relevant output from the command prompt:

Programming PRG-ROM flash
writting PRG bank: 0 of 31.0
writting PRG bank: 4 of 31.0
[ERROR] (source/usb_operations.c:308: errno: No such file or directory) Write xfr failed with libusb error: Input/Output Error
[ERROR] (source/inlprog.c:372: errno: None) cannot run config. file: memory allocation error: block too big
Fatal error encountered, exiting.

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