4.5 Bug List

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Re: 4.5 Bug List

Post by fluidImages » Mon Jun 15, 2020 8:24 pm

Are paths not implemented in 4.5 in the compile? I have a path that looks wonderful in the editor - however after the compile, it just shows the top portion of the path every section.

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Re: 4.5 Bug List

Post by dale_coop » Tue Jun 16, 2020 7:42 am

Not yet in the current core, yeah.
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Re: 4.5 Bug List

Post by mouse spirit » Thu Jun 18, 2020 12:52 am

Firstly, thank you joe and anyone who helped for this update.Now on to things i noticed. Bugs or oversights n stuff that may be on purpose or because of a limitation, so please excuse
me if i am incorrect.I figure better said than not fixed if possible.

I noticed that the program holds on to clicks, specifically in the map screen.Meaning, i click once,move the mouse and whatever,but then click one more time and it enters the screen i chose.Feels like it may miss my second click half the time and so i noticed this happening alot.
I did noticed that copying and pasting a screen works better,but all around there is something strange about mouse clicks in general.

When i start the game,after my title screen, my character graphics are garbled for a few seconds then looks right(if i immediatley press start after my rom loads up at the start screen,its fine), also in the bottom right corner,one tilegraphic doesnt look right.Also my characters top right of his face is messed up,this only happens on my first stage screen and only 1 of 7 times upon entering the screen.The bottom right graphic happens 6 out of 7 times.I am using the FCEuX emulator.

My screen was not showing edits ingame.I did copy and paste it from another screen.Half of my edits show in game.Maybe it was just slow at adding my edits because
on the 5th export and test it worked.
I did make sure to save my rom and click off of stuff to maybe lock in my edits also, like i said just ended up working.

Still cant delete a Path Info path.

If i make a new asset, i cant tell it saves if the folder isnt expanded and so i keep hitting the button and create 10 of the same asset.Maybe it should then move to the newly made asset, maybe not so much a bug.

Can't see the rectangle i am drawing in HUD mode when grids are on.

Some buttons say OK and some say Close and some say Save but seem to be the same.Maybe just "save" would be less confusing.
Also close should be on every tab of project settings, not just the first one unless of course it only "saves" the first tab.

Sometimes palettes act funky between "work spaces". Like they don't match up untill i repick the same colors,even if i am looking at the colors i just saved in a palette, the sprite will show the "old colors".Like i said, untill i "re affirm "those colors. To be clear, the palette says one thing, the sprite shows another for the same exact palette and i am looking at both at the same time.Im not sure maybe i am mistaken.

The test and export button should probly not be near any other buttons...

I was pumped about this update, but i live in a cabin with no wifi.So i used my phone to download 4.5..No log in, no access code. Just downloaded on my phone and used an sd adapter to use on my laptop.Am i using a full version?
Fyi i did most certainly pay for 4.1.5.Just saying that it seemed like i just downloded it for free no problems.Maybe since the older version was on my laptop the program was instantly unlocked.Just thought i should mention it.

Also thank you to dale_coop, in general.

ps.Crabs are still unlocking my doors.Jk but for real. :evil:

Heres are pics of my graphic errors.One pic has zero errors to compare.
sdvfdsvsd.png (3.06 KiB) Viewed 162 times
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Re: 4.5 Bug List

Post by chronosv2 » Tue Jun 23, 2020 7:28 pm

I can confirm the strangeness with high-detail screens.
Apologies in advance for how this is written, I decided to do all my poking about while I was writing this so it was written over a period of time.

I've been quietly poking at 4.5 on my end (not quite ready to announce that I'm back yet) but the 8×8 tile screens also seem to exhibit this behavior with the 'Main & Screen × 3' tiles mode.
I've left Main set to Tileset00, Screen 1 is Tileset_Screen_28, Screen 2 and 3 are Tileset_Screen_29 (just for testing purposes, duplicating a tileset is obviously unnecessary).

Main draws just fine.
Screen 1 draws just fine.
Screen 2 draws Screen 1
Screen 3 draws Screen 1.
Looks like the Tile IDs don't match up, either: Tried to draw a blank tile with 0xBF and I see in the Tile ID indicator is 0x7F.
If I had to wager a guess I think the tile types with duplicates are pulling their Tile IDs from the first of the set when the tilesets are pulled from entries beyond a certain point.

In Main×2 it's Tileset06 and higher on Main Group 2.
In Main & Screen × 3 it seems to behave very oddly:
When the tiles start pulling from Group 1 depends entirely on what 2 and 3 are set to.
All I can say is to try and set Groups 2 and 3 to different values, then watch the tile IDs you start painting.

Upon a little further testing (started to make a spreadsheet to test each value, which in hindsight might be crazy since there's 24389 combinations in 29×29×29) I may have a hypothesis. Are tileset IDs being checked for duplicates?
I started down the line:
Tried image IDs 0,0,0 and tried placing down the bottom left tile in each set (0x70, 0x90, 0xB0) and all three placed 0x70.
Changed image IDs to 0,0,1 and got 0x70, 0x70, 0xB0.
Changed image IDs to 0,0,2 and got the same.
Then decided to try 0,1,0 and got 0x70, 0x90, 0x70.
And then tried 0,1,1 and got 0x70, 0x90, 0x90.

So it feels like there's some duplicate checking that might be going on?
And maybe that duplicate checking is triggering on combinations with high tileset IDs?

Hopefully this helps track down that particular issue.
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Re: 4.5 Bug List

Post by dale_coop » Wed Jun 24, 2020 7:52 am

Oh! welcome back chronosv2 (I missed you)
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Rob Burrito
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Re: 4.5 Bug List

Post by Rob Burrito » Thu Jun 25, 2020 4:57 am

i can't seem to get the autotext tile to trigger the screen within the tool.
in text edit, when the selected text is set to: End of text action/NPC is trigger, when testing the tile works, but after displaying the correct message it loads the first message registered (in this case from the first tutorial NPC text).
it does this even when day triggered text groups are updated too, so it's not just refreshing the autotext tile on the new screen.
guessing it's not triggering the screen state as intended, and something is telling it to display text #$00 at the end of text state.
*also if the first entry of text is set to 'NPC is trigger', the text box will loop indefinitely. so all it's doing when set to trigger is to display the first possible line of text again.
guessing it's something in Base 4_5/Game/Subroutines/doDrawText between lines 103-126, but not exactly sure where it's going wrong.
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