Working Title "Babysitter"

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Re: Working Title "Babysitter"

Post by westcoastvagabond » Sun Dec 01, 2019 7:18 pm

Thank you! As predicted, November took a lot of my focus (and I still only reached 40,000 words of my novel, but I got a lot of plot holes filled in and that's beside the point, anyway). "Babysitter" did see some foundational work. I have the story expanded to something of a (yet another) Zelda clone, while still trying to keep the creepy, urban/suburban Lynch vibe.

Some time has been put into learning Famitracker, and deciding what I want the soundtrack to be (ominous bass, crickets, occasional snatches of out-of-tune nursery rhymes). I still have to put in the work on that, but I now both know what I'm doing and what I want to do.

Mostly, I've been plotting and planning and taking notes on what I want, eventually, and what order I should tackle it in. I've got notebooks filling up with maps and ideas for monsters and items and weapons. I'm aiming for three melee weapons (knife/bat/axe) on the B-button, three ranged weapons, with limited ammo, (revolver/rifle/shotgun) on the A-button, and a first-aid kit on Select, leaving Start for pause. I don't think a menu will be necessary, as the weapons will pretty much be a linear upgrade progression discovered in different locations around the world. I would also like to expand the five hearts in the HUD to ten HP with a half-heart system (and, ultimately, 20 with an Armor upgrade), but that'll come later.

For December, I want to crack down into Assembly and get my weapons working right. After I have weapons and damage (both on the monsters and the player) working, I'll be ready to build out the world, I think. After combat, I think my biggest remaining hurdle will be implementing a shop and money system. From there, it should mostly be crafting in the NESMaker interface until I have everything built and tweaked for balancing.

Hope everyone's projects (and holidays) are going well, as well!
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Re: Working Title "Babysitter"

Post by red moon » Wed Dec 04, 2019 2:43 am

Nice, sounds like you have a plan for moving forward. I am excited to see the next phase!
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