A Zelda 1 remake?

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Re: A Zelda 1 remake?

Post by mouse spirit » Thu Sep 10, 2020 2:54 am

Yes im sure we all have cool ideas based on stuff that is not our i.p., but nesmaker does not ever want to be associated in any way with doing stuff like that. Thats all. If you have those cool ideas,like me, youre not evil, buuuuut we should all keep it to ourselves. So no one ever gets the impression that nesmaker is for easily stealing old ip's.
As it can, simply because of the type of tool it is.

An analogy .....
Guns dont wanna be associated with murdering innocents, as they help hunt and protect against brutes.
Stupid analogy, but im sure you understand.
(i know, guns were probly made to kill innocents....)

Nesmaker can be used for that, but it can sour the true purpose, which is to help us all create.
Even though Super Mario Bros. 4, or Super Mario Girls, obviously needs to be made.
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