Restoration Hardware and the Bauhaus Mainframe

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Restoration Hardware and the Bauhaus Mainframe

Post by F8Sean » Sun Apr 14, 2019 2:09 am

^Working title

I tend to work from ideas to content, so forgive me if some of this seems a little high concept without visuals. This is adapted from an older story treatment that I had written and I realized it could be a fun metroidvania for my ongoing NESMaker project. I'll try to update this as I go.
(Back of the box) -IN THE YEAR OF THE NEW IRIAN CALENDAR 2983- RH Unit SLDN and technomancer-archaeologist Lucida Kanasol fled the destruction of her home planet Iria to find what could be his home planet. Could this be the gravesite of the legendary BAUHAUS MAINFRAME? Unlock the full potential of "Seldon" as he explores the dead planet of the machines. Clear a safe path for Lucida to follow through the ruins and translate what remains of the MID-ERA RUINS.

  • Plays like Mega Man X by way of Metroid
  • Map progression and some aesthetic similar to Blaster Master
  • Atmosphere somewhere between Phantasy Star and The Crow, but with more robots
  • Robot archeology themes homage to the world lore of Mega Man Legends but with more H.R. Geiger biomechanics
  • The other sci-fi archeology game was The Dig, but for this the only draw from there would be the slower pacing
  • Interested in translating the "guide someone" mechanic of Ico to a more action-oriented game as a secondary gameplay device
  • The modernist art movement as analog to the rise of machines alongside man
  • Bauhaus as in the meaning of the art school name being house of building, "the builder (maker) of builders" as the machines conquer by creating and self-propagating; Peter Murphy's band was cool too
  • Subvert a lot of Metroid mechanics: using bombs can block passages, flying too high in the clearing above the ship sends you out into space, running too much reduces attack power
  • Restoration Hardware is an expensive furniture company and I like their catalogs, they're not really related to anything here but the name has an interesting meaning when you put it in a robotic context
Area Layout
  • Landing Site
    • Cerulean Fields (East)
    • Lost Expedition (West)
    • Surface Telemetry (Subterranean)
  • Fractured Dome (East)
    • The Autofacture Complex (East)
    • Launch Pads (Above)
    • Cables and Veins (Subterranean)
  • The Mountain (West)
    • Monastery of the Keepers (Above)
    • Utilities and Cooling (Subterranean)
    • The Cathedral (West)
      • Shrine of the Guardians (Deep Subterranean)
        • The Mainframe
    Skill Upgrades
    • Blade Extension
    • Gravity Reverse
    • Air Dash
    • Health Recharge
    • High Jump
    • Shot Reflect
    • Charge Shot
    • Bomb
    Progress Upgrades
    • Health Extension
    • Lucida: "I'll just call you Seldon, like the prophet! He was so sure that the Empire would fall, but since you already saw it happen..."
    • Seldon: "There were people here. Machines don't live like this."
    • The Mainframe: "You could never love him, for it is written, 'the sons of machines shall be abomination to the half-bloods.'"
    • Braun
    • Bang - Round ball that follows you
    • Olufsen -Top half of the ball that jumps on you after the bottom half dies
    • Vignelli
    • Helvetica
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Re: Restoration Hardware and the Bauhaus Mainframe

Post by Jonny » Fri May 01, 2020 11:54 am

I think your title is very unusual but does have a certain 'ring' to it. I've been thinking of how to get my game ideas writen down in a way that makes sense. At the moment i've jsut got stuff scribbled down so this example is very useful to me. Thank you for sharing,
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