4.5.x Patches

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4.5.x Patches

Post by TheNew8bitHeroes » Mon Jun 08, 2020 6:37 pm

There are a few patches that we have worked on over the weekend, and like more to come. IF you are downloading NESmaker 4.5 after 6/08/20, your version will have these patches and there will be no need to patch. If you have downloaded it on launch weekend, you can follow the below instructions and replace these and it should not anything you've already gotten started on.

1) REPLACE THE GAME FOLDER: Doing this will, in one step, fix a few of the scripts without messing with anything already created. It fixes the MainGameLoop file so that it properly observes the camera script from the script defines, removes a bloated script that we will not be using, and a few other small details. Again, this should have no affect on anything created thus far.

Instructions: Unzip the Game zip. Place it in GameEngineData\Routines\BASE_4_5. It might be safest to DELETE the old Game folder and paste the new one in its place.

2) UPDATE THE BUILD: Update the build to 4.5.2. This is a minor fix that fixes an attribute export for monster objects to that they always observe the proper color settings for each tile.

Instructions: Unzip the NESmaker zip. Place the exe file inside the main NESmaker_4_5 folder. You should see NESmaker_4_5_0. You can erase that and place this exe in its spot. It should run exactly the same as far as your use is concerned, and not affect any projects that are started.

**If in doubt, feel free to simply download a fresh version from the website, as that version will always be up to date. With this update, you'll know if you have the correct version, as the NESmaker exe will be 4.5.2.
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