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Post by abstractlion » Tue Oct 09, 2018 12:03 am

hello im Christian Lopez (Abstract Lion) i been on the forum for a few months now haven't gotten a chance to write my greeting until now ,got Nesmaker on its release date . i just always enjoyed the nostalgic feelings that arcade and Famicom games gave me as a child so i figured why not try to make one myself using an interface similar to gamemaker (which i used since 2009) i have no legitimate coding knowledge besides basic for the commodore 64 unfortunately but i would like to learn 6502 assembly one day .
i absolutely love what joe has created. i can tell this project is going to definitely grow immensely within the next few months.

about me:
im a lofi musician that produces under the name 'Abstract Lion' , i love to chop up samples and throw in feelings of nostalgia and comfort into those
which you can listen to here:
i enjoy using analog synths as well as cassette tape recorders

i also used to compose chiptune music for a few years using famitracker, and LSDJ (and i still do here and there)
the VRC7 chip is probably one of my favorites at the moment . im aware this cant be implemented into nesmaker at all
but it is awesome regardless. you can listen to my chiptune soundtrack for an unreleased game using the VRC7 here:
https://chipmusic.org/Localwolfman/musi ... soundtrack

iv currently been extremely busy working on my next album and juggling between my job as a deli clerk
so i havent gotten much time to create any awesome roms or pixel art .
i did however start this little arcade game (which i hope to get it more pieced together once scrolling is added)

here some of my favorite games as of now:
Cloak & Dagger (Atari system 1)
Star raiders (Atari 800)
Devil World (Nintendo Famicom)
Earthbound/Mother 2 (Super Famicom)
Super Mario Bros. 3 (Nintendo Famicom)
and Sim city 2000 (Sony PlayStation x)

stuff i like to do aside from music and gaming:
Urbexing (exploring abandoned buildings with friends)
watch obscure blaxpliotation films of the early 1970s
and eat Japanese candys

and as for favorite musicians i just have way too many to list and i change up alot so im not ganna even bother lmao
but hope this gives you in insight on me and im always down for a famitracker collaboration just Pm me .

i love alot of the projects i see on here , very talented artist and developers and love to watch them grow so keep doing ya thing .
aaand thats all i got to say
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Re: Hello

Post by dale_coop » Tue Oct 09, 2018 6:08 am

Welcome AbstractLion,

Glad to have a talented artist like you here with us.
Your game looks very fun! I love classic arcade games. I hope I will be able to play a demo soon ;)
Sorry about my poor english
All I need: A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee
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