Screen Details window suggestions

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Screen Details window suggestions

Post by The Rook » Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:24 am

The "Screen Details" window can be displayed when you are looking at an individual screen for the overworld or underworld and click the "Screen Info" button. This window contains a lot of controls. There are some issues with this window and I would like to see this window cleaned up and reorganized. Here are a few suggestions:

- The window needs OK/Cancel buttons to save and cancel changes respectively. These buttons should be outside of the tab pages of the tab control.
- The "RESET" button could be named "Reset to Default Values" and be left in the "Screen Info" tab page. Clicking this would reset only values on that tab.
- The controls in the "Screen Info" tab should be logically grouped.
- The controls in the "Screen Info" tab are not in a logical tab order. Meaning you can not tab through the controls in a logical order.
- The controls in the monster tabs (day, night, day triggered, night triggered) could be organized better.
- The monster graphics on the monster tabs do not resize uniformly.
- Because the window is a modal dialog it should not have a minimize or maximize button.

I have attached several screen shots of reorganized tab pages for the "Screen Details" window below.
Screen Details - Screen Info tab.jpg
Screen Details - Screen Info tab.jpg (168.5 KiB) Viewed 243 times
Screen Details - Triggered Day Monsters tab.jpg
Screen Details - Triggered Day Monsters tab.jpg (80.46 KiB) Viewed 245 times
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