(Solved) Monsters Not Spawning into a Room when Warped to (4.5.9)


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I am currently working on a project using the Adventure Module in 4.5.9. I am having an issue where when I warp to a room with monsters loaded in that room the monsters do not appear.

I have tested placing the player in the room with the monsters and only then will the monsters appear and behave in accordance with their AI.

Does anyone have any ideas on what can be causing monsters to not spawn when warping to a room?

Thank you all so much!


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Does this happen after you've obtained the weapon (via an NPC) or collected a key?
If so, your screen may just be triggered. Check that you've assigned a unique value to the screen type where the NPC (or key) is located.

When you get a weapon, collect a key, open a door, ... it triggers the (current) screen type. So it's important to set a specific value to those screens. Else, if you keep the default value "0", every screens that use the screen type 0 will be triggered too (and by default, all the screens are screen type "0").
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