The Adventures of Panzer 2


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Return to the World of Panzer!​

Set approximately 1 year after the events of The first game, Panzer returns to his role as Raid Leader of the Zergadins. A new Head Quarters has been built, The old team has been rounded up and are ready for action. A new evil has arrived and it will take the whole team working together to defeat it. So This time Panzer doesn't have to fight alone! He is joined by the Hunter Kankaro with his bow and arrow, the Ice Mage Ahzriaz with her ice magic and the Crazed Troll Vespeto with his explosives!


  • Multiple playable characters
  • Real-time character swapping
  • Unlockable special ability
  • Non-linear progression
  • Simple currency system to buy more health
  • Skippable cutscenes
  • Lots of useless NPC dialog!
  • 9 fully fleshed-out levels
  • 10 challenging bosses
  • Panzer!!! (need we say more?!)


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I am thrilled to annoucnce that the Panzer 2 Kickstarter extras arrived from Broke Studio today! Which means I have loaded them up on the ETSY shop for anyone who is interested in getting a last minute copy. I have a couple Panzer 1s available as well! The listing includes FREE shipping Can/USA!
Check out the Etsy Listing:

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