"Immune to weapon" Monster crashes game when attacked [SOLVED]

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"Immune to weapon" Monster crashes game when attacked [SOLVED]

Post by pickaxemack » Sat Sep 29, 2018 6:45 pm

Hello again. So I'm following The Adventure Module "wedNESday" Tutorial and I ran into a bug, The "Immune to weapon" option (shown) crashes the game test, when the player attacks it, consistently.
now obviously its a script error right? but I haven't modified anything without the guide. Any help would be appreciated!
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EDIT: Figured it out, it was a sound/script issue the script (handle monster hurt) tried to: "PlaySound #SFX_MISS". I changed it to: "PlaySound #sfx_miss" now it works!

what I'm talking about is all the way at the top of the handle monster hurt script it looks like this:
;;; what should we do with the monster?
;;; monster is loaded in x
LDA Object_vulnerability,x
AND #%00000100 ;; is it weapon immune?
BEQ notWeaponImmune
PlaySound #sfx_miss
JMP skipHurtingMonsterAndSound

Leaving this up in case people have this issue.
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