...someone to make a game to go with an album.

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...someone to make a game to go with an album.

Post by SaintKarloff » Fri Sep 20, 2019 5:55 pm

I play in a band called Saint Karloff and we are fooling around with the idea of having a game made for our upcomming album called 'Interstellar Voodoo'.

The idea is to have a game loosely based on the narrative on the album. We will provide the soundtrack to the game, which will be the music from the album, but made for the NES synth(sorry if I use the wrong terms here).

The game will probably have to be a relatively simple one(or not, depending on what our potential collaborator on here suggests).

Please get in touch if this makes you curious, and we can talk a bit about ideas, finance etc.

All of us in the band love the old NES games and it seemes that the homebrews from this community are well up there with the best of the old ones.

Get in touch!
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